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Learning Care is an in home after school program designed to promote your child's love of learning. Your child will be personally paired with a Learning Friend to engage in active play, collaborative reading, creative writing and guided homework time.


Learning Care sessions consist of four components:

Play, Reading, Creative Writing & Homework.

Each day concludes with a discussion of goals and a progress update for parents.

After school sessions are three hours with flexible start times. You can book one or more sessions per week. Learning Care is designed to be a one-on-one experience -- an additional child may join based on an assessment of needs.

The daily rate is $100 for one child. Plus $30 for a second child. (Please let us know if your family would require a school pick up.)

Each Learning Friend is selected based on experience, education, and references and has completed the Meredith & Co. vetting and training process.


Play: Chalk drawing, hide and seek, a walk around the block -- we'll get kids out of "school mode" and into imaginative learning.


Reading: You and your child will choose special books that are just for them. We'll dive into these stories together and explore new books they'll love, making reading a treat not a chore.

Creative Writing: Your child will learn to express their ideas through imaginative storytelling. Creating stories warms up the brain to think critically, organize thoughts and problem solve.

Homework: It's more fun to do homework with a friend! We'll help your child stay focused and engaged in their assignments while also developing homework skills and daily habits to pace the workload.


Learning Friends are a source of comfort and stability to help lighten the daily academic load.

Our hope is to make home a place where we enjoy learning together.

Interested? Let's talk!

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